Understand & Improve the ROI of Your Biggest Investment - Your Employees! At No Cost to You!

Do you know what employees think of your company? Studies have shown employee' attitudes are directly correlated to productivity and retention.

The National Employee Attitude Survey (NEAS) is a FREE service to the HR community by Business & Legal Reports (BLR), designed to help your organization understand and measure your employees’ attitudes. Employees use a 0- to 10-point scale to answer survey questions about their organizations. Replies are sent directly to BLR where we prepare a complimentary report for your company and compare results with similar organizations.

Measures your employees’ attitudes on teamwork, communication, supervision, and opportunities for advancement in your organization – all driving elements for employee engagement and retention.
Results benchmarked against results from thousands of companies nationwide, letting you see if issues are specific to your organization or more widespread.
Designed for minimal effort on your part, BLR does all the data collection and tallying!
Detailed results presented on both companywide and department levels, so you can accurately target and act on opportunities.
Confidential report issued only to the person(s) you designate.

Since 1977 BLR is the award-winning publisher dedicated to supporting companies with up-to-date HR, Compensation, Safety and Environmental analysis, training, and regulatory compliance information. Our HR and compensation surveys are nationally known and highly regarded.

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Here is what some of the thousands who have perticipated in the NEAS are saying:

"The report was very easy to use and understand. I really like our results vs. the national average. Definitely usable information."

Linda McBride
Human Resources Manager
gINT Software, Inc.

"The report was very good. I liked the way it graphically displayed our results..."

Sue Pine
Safety, Quality & Human Resources Manager
SMS Millcraft
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